The International Association of Constitutional Law/ l'association Internationale de Droit Constituionnel

 HelpLaw GHANA

Our mission is to provide free legal and related services to the poor and less- priveledged people of Ghana who are mostly denied justice because of their inability to hire lawyers to represent them.

 Promoting Pre-trial Justice in Africa (PPJA) aims to collect and organise information on pre-trial justice in Africa and make this available and accessible to a broad audience of stakeholders in a manner that can inform decision-making and improve practice, thereby promoting pre-trial justice in Africa.

There is a growing body of knowledge and practical experience around pre-trial justice reform projects which, if harnessed, can enhance pre-trial justice in Africa. PPJA aims to be a repository of such knowledge and experience.

ISLP provides the pro bono services of highly skilled and experienced lawyers to promote human rights, equitable and sustainable economic development and the rule of law worldwide. It assists governments, non-governmental organizations and other institutions working to build legal capacity and to advance the rights and well-being of their citizens.