African International courts and tribunals

The African International Courts and Tribunals Website 

The recent exponential growth of international courts and tribunals is a well-known and well-studied phenomenon. The African continent leads the way in innovations in international courts and tribunals, with the first hybrid court and the first referrals to the International Criminal Court. Africa is also unique in the sheer number of regional courts and tribunals applying not only regional but, in some cases, international law. These experiments in regional and other international courts and tribunals in Africa are innovations that should be watched and studied by all for the lessons they can provide on the success and failure of international courts. Yet there is no central source for information on those courts and tribunals and it is often difficult to find information on them.

This website provides a centralized source for scholars, practitioners and laypersons working in or on the Continent and a reference to the work of these courts and tribunals for others studying the global phenomenon.

Here you will find for each international court or tribunal substantially touching Africa:



  • An overview
  • Any recent issues
  • The basic documents
  • A selected biography
  • Biographies of its judges
  • Related jurispridence from Member States